About Le Chic Miami


Le Chic Miami started in 2018 in Miami. Lydia McConnell, our founder and creative director, began making earrings for herself out of wood then hand-painting each piece. She received so many compliments on her vibrant and creative designs that she decided to try and sell them at local weekend markets in Miami. After that the brand took off!

We have now grown to a team of 4 artists based in San Antonio, TX. Our goal is to create unique hand-painted wooden earrings that will brighten your day. We are most known for our use of vibrant colors and playful designs.

As a brand, we are most proud of our relationship with our customers. We really appreciate our customers and take all their suggestions to heart. We want our customers to not just wear our brand but feel a part of our brand. 

To see what's inspiring us lately, find us on Instagram.