What is the Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic and How to Rock It!

What is the Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic and How to Rock It!

What the heck is Coastal Cowgirl? And why all the sudden do I want to live on the beach in a cowgirl hat? If you were as confused as I was when I first heard the term don't worry, you're not alone. This unique fashion fusion is just what it sounds like, beach-inspired fashion (think easy breezy California not your rich aunt in the Hamptons) with the rugged charm of a Texas cowgirl. This unlikely style synergy is popping up everywhere on Tiktok and Instagram. We did a deep dive to show you how to rock it this summer.

Coastal Cowgirl is a combination of carefree, sun-kissed style mixed with the wild, adventurous spirit of the American West. Think laid-back California coast vibes and the earthy, rustic elements of the cowgirl aesthetic.

To rock the Coastal Cowgirl look, you'll want to combine elements that normally wouldn't go together. Here are the key components to consider when building your Coastal Cowgirl wardrobe:

AGOLDE | Parker Distressed Denim Shorts | Nordstrom | $138

Distressed Denim Shorts

Denim: A staple in both beach and Western fashion, denim is an essential component of the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic. Opt for distressed denim shorts, a well-worn denim jacket, or a classic pair of jeans in a light wash to evoke the sun-bleached hues of the coast.

Strapless Dress | Universal Thread | Target | $35

Strapless White Dress

Flowy fabrics: Incorporate flowy, lightweight fabrics to capture the breezy, carefree feel of oceanside living. Look for bohemian-inspired maxi dresses, airy blouses, and loose-fitting tunics in natural, earthy tones or coastal-inspired colors like seafoam green, sandy beige, and ocean blue.

The Annie | Tecovas | $295

White Cowboy Boots

Western-inspired accessories: To bring the cowgirl influence into your Coastal Cowgirl look, add accessories like a wide-brimmed straw hat, a leather belt with a statement buckle, or cowboy boots. These rugged touches will add an adventurous edge to your beach-inspired ensembles.

Turquoise Cow Skull Rose Earrings | Le Chic Miami | $35

Turquoise Cowskull Rose Earrings

Layered jewelry: Embrace the boho-chic vibe of the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic by layering necklaces, stacking bracelets, wearing multiple rings and statement earrings. Look for pieces made from natural materials like turquoise, wood, and leather to complement the earthy tones of your wardrobe.

    How to Incorporate the Coastal Cowgirl Look into Your Wardrobe:

    Aero Crochet Lace Cami Top | Blue Peppermint | $43

    Lace top with jean shorts

    Mix and match textures: To create a dynamic Coastal Cowgirl outfit, play with different textures like denim, lace, and lightweight fabrics. Pair a delicate lace top with distressed denim shorts or layer a flowy, boho-inspired dress with a denim jacket.

    Wish Star Boots | Golden Goose | $890

    Woman in Blazer with Jean Shorts and Cowboy Boots

    Image via purewow

    Emphasize comfort: One of the key elements of the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic is comfort. Opt for relaxed, loose-fitting clothing and flat or low-heeled footwear like cowboy boots or leather sandals.

    Red Mixed Neon Floral Maxi Dress | Farm Rio | $320

    White Dress with colorful pattern

    Play with patterns: To capture the eclectic spirit of the Coastal Cowgirl look, don't shy away from mixing patterns like florals, paisley, and even subtle animal prints. Balance out bolder patterns with solid-colored pieces to create a cohesive outfit.

    Monarch Butterfly Earrings | Le Chic Miami | $35

    Woman in orange dress with Monarch Butterfly earrings

    Experiment with color: While earthy tones and coastal-inspired hues are the foundation of the Coastal Cowgirl color palette, don't be afraid to add pops of vibrant color. A bright turquoise necklace, a coral maxi dress, or a bold patterned scarf can bring life and energy to your look.

    Bottom line, wear what you feel comfortable in and make the style your own. We've given you the foundation now get out there and create your own version of the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic! We'd love to see how you style this look, tag us @lechicmiami

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